Mission statement

OESNtv strives to be a positive influence on the amateur eSport landscape while providing infrastructure and a healthy ecosystem by which young aspiring eSport professionals can develop their skills.


Promotion of amateur and semi-professional eSports

Massively popular to lesser known titles, we intend to support it all.  OESN covers important trends, tournaments, live events, and open debate all within the scope of legitimizing eSports as a mainstream form of entertainment. 




What games do you cover/support?

Rainbow Six: Siege, League of Legends and Rocket League are our first supported titles.  More to come!


How can players join OESN tournaments?

Through our signup pages: Rainbow Six: Siege Summer 2017


Can gamers of any skill level join OESN sponsored tournaments?

OESN tournaments are, for the moment, on a first come first served basis and are open to all skill levels.